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Chinchilla Squeeks

Random thoughts from the silver haired one...

14 June 1981
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It's been an interesting and varied decade...

Starting with writing fanzines and by creating one of the first UK based ezines I combined my loves of music, technology and doing things my own way.

Whilst at university I formed a band called Art Brut, who went on to much critical and commercial success, leading to a whole load of new experiences, opportunities and people. I left the band in 2005 due to personal reasons, I had to sort out in my head and took to the road again on my own, clocking up yet more airmiles, experiences and great friends.

These travels bought me to Melbourne where after several brief return visits to the UK, I have called my home.

Since living here I formed a new band called 'Macaca Mulatta' which came to a premature and sad demise in early 2008 just after we had recorded our debut album, AAA.

Most recently I’ve been taking a break from music, branching out into many other avenues such as creative writing, learning the drums, running my own business, getting a proper job and all sorts of bits and pieces.

Oh, and I recently got married to the delightfully crafty Cate.

I'm into technology, music, arts, drama, reading, writing, film, the environment, social justice, equality, peace, beer and a whole lot more. Basically, having as many interesting experiences as possible.